The benefits of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a stone that brings peace, love and friendship. It helps those who wear it to forgive, but also to respect, both themselves and others. It accompanies people in a state of shock and promotes rapid healing, whether physical or moral.

Love and friendship 

Recognized for its soothing virtues, the rose quartz stone can be placed in a living room such as the lounge, but also in a bedroom with the NGOLD sleep mask. Love and calm will be reunited and tensions, if any, should ease and calm down.


Rose quartz stone is known to bring security, comfort and tenderness to its wearer. Ideal for children, this stone delivers a soft and maternal energy. If your child has trouble sleeping because he is too agitated, you can place a rose quartz stone in his room, under his pillow or under his bedside table to help him find calm and serenity. Thanks to its vibrations, rose quartz helps to reduce stress, anxiety and all the negative feelings that disturb your mind.

By promoting inner peace, this stone makes social relationships more pleasant and spontaneous. It makes it easier to open up to others and be a better listener. If you tend to be distrustful because of emotional wounds from the past, rose quartz can help you open your heart and trust again.

If you are heartbroken or suffering from anxiety attacks, this stone can also help you overcome these times of crisis with its comforting energy. It gently pushes you to regain control of your emotions and your life. Stone of love par excellence, it starts by promoting self-esteem, because it is essential to love oneself before being able to love someone else sincerely.

You will have understood it, the rose quartz stone is a stone intimately linked to love. It is often said to increase tenfold the qualities generally attributed to women, namely; tenderness, affection, benevolence, tolerance and attentive listening. By wearing rose quartz, even the darkest of hearts and the hardest of characters will find the wisdom to forgive, receive and give love.


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